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Addis Recycling Bin Kit- Pack of 3 Flip Top Bins

Addis Recycling Bin Kit- Pack of 3 Flip Top Bins


Recycling Bin Kit  

Kit includes three bins

  • Addis Recycling Bin Kit (3 Pack) 505575/505574

    Featuring a range of differently coloured lids, these bins are perfect for implementing a system of separated recycling. Each bin and colour is used to dispose of a different item and this means that you can easily separate your recycling without difficulty. With a capacious 60 litre capacity, you can ensure that all of the waste is contained and secured properly without trouble. The bin lids are designed to prevent the overspill of all your waste, keeping it securely stored.

    • Recycling bin kit featuring 3 different bins
    • Colour coded lids for clear and easy use
    • Great for raising environmental awareness
    • Quality construction will not deteriorate over time
    • Smooth and clean design provides easy cleaning
    • 60 litre capacity
    • Dimensions: 410x680x335mm

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