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Cordless 1.7L Jug Kettle 2200W

Cordless 1.7L Jug Kettle 2200W


Product Overview

Cordless Jug Kettle (Pack of 1) IG7270

This kettle has a heating element powered by 2200 watts, allowing it to heat quickly and boil in an efficient, timely manner. The spout features a removable limescale filter, which is particularly useful if you live in a hard water area. The cordless design allows for ease of use and is particularly useful for busy kitchens.

  • 2200W cordless kettle for easy boiling of water
  • Stylish design suitable for all situations
  • Works quickly to reduce the time you spend waiting
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Removable limescale filter
  • 1.7 litre capacity

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