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Nescafe Gold Instant Latte Sweetened- 1kg

Nescafe Gold Instant Latte Sweetened- 1kg


Nescafe Gold Latte Blend 
  • Nescafe Gold Instant Latte Sweetened 1kg 12314885

    With this catering-sized tin of Nescafe Gold Latte instant, you can enjoy a rich and frothy café latte without the hassle; just add hot water. This latte is made from 100% natural coffee with no hydrogenated oils or artificial flavours, and it is now made with 40% less saturated fat compared to the previous recipe. This 1kg tin will provide you with approximately 60 delicious cups of coffee with a rich frothy top for that coffee shop-style taste and aroma experience.

    • Coffee shop-style instant latte
    • Instant sweetened frothy latte drink - just add hot water
    • Crafted using 100% natural high quality coffee beans
    • Made with fresh milk sourced from British dairy farmers
    • Deliciously smooth and milky with a velvety frothy layer above the rich coffee
    • Makes approximately 60 mugs
    • 1kg tin

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