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Quick Index Tabs 19x43 Transparent pack 200 tabs

Quick Index Tabs 19x43 Transparent pack 200 tabs


Product Overview

Q-Connect Quick Tabs 19x43mm Transparent (Pack of 200) KF01225

These Q-Connect Quick Tabs are perfect for marking pages in books. With glue that is designed for easy application and removal, you can reposition and re-use these tabs as required. Each tab measures 19x43mm and has a coloured tip, allowing you to implement a colour coded system that makes organisation easier. These transparent tabs are designed to show the text on the page beneath, preventing unnecessary obstruction and come with tips in 4 colours: red, yellow, blue and green for quick and easy reference. This pack contains 50 tabs of each colour (200 tabs in total).

  • Page marker for easy navigation through books and notes
  • Removable adhesive for smooth application and removal
  • Easily peeled from the page without leaving residue
  • Transparent design to show text beneath
  • Colourful tab ends for colour-coding
  • Pack of 4 colours with 50 tabs per colour
  • Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green
  • Total pack size: 200 tabs
  • Size: 19x43mm

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