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Standard 21 Hole Comb Binder 8

Standard 21 Hole Comb Binder 8


Product Overview

Q-Connect Standard 21 Hole Comb Binder 8 (Pack of 1) KF16761

This versatile Q-Connect Comb Binder 8 punches up to eight sheets at once and can bind a maximum of 140 sheets with 16mm binding combs, which is great for making reports, presentations and company literature. This economical binder is simple to use and will provide you with professional looking documents every time.

  • Binds up to 140 sheets
  • Maximum punch capacity: 8 sheets
  • Great for reports, presentations, company literature and more
  • Maximum binding size: 16mm
  • Size: A4
  • Dimensions: W350xD195xH90mm

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